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Zéro Kitchen Gift Set
Zéro Kitchen Gift Set
Zéro Kitchen Gift Set

Zéro Kitchen Gift Set

The Cleaning Cabinet
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The zero kitchen gift set is a thoughtful kitchen set that contains everything you need for an eco-friendly kitchen clean this festive season.

  • Hold on to a bit of summer with the citrus-scented kitchen cleaner drop by Oceansaver,
  • a loofah sponge to keep your dishes shining,
  • a single "unpaper" cotton towel to give surfaces a good wipe down and finally
  • the marseille all-purpose soap bar, which is an all-round essential to every household. It's uses ranges from washing up to cleaning surfaces and many things in-between.

The perfect gift to encourage someone's sustainable living choices...

Shop practical and sustainable gifts this Christmas. Let's make it a zéro Christmas!