Heavenly Organics Deodorant Powder 100g Refill Bag
Heavenly Organics Deodorant Powder 100g Refill Bag

Heavenly Organics Deodorant Powder 100g Refill Bag

Heavenly Organics
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A different but super effective way to cool off. Now available as refill (saving you Aproxx. 25% from the cost of packaged option).

Heavenly Organics' popular, natural & organic deodorants are now available as a refill for you to dispense from its 100g bag into your existing jar. (Bag may vary) 

A natural deodorant, less likely to irritate or cause skin allergies, in powder form. Due to its powder form, it sits on the skin without being rubbed in which we found often causes skin redness and irritation on delicate underarms.

Our deodorant powder is gentle and kind on the skin but tough on odour. Lovingly presented in a 100g glass jar that can be refilled from our range of refills.

Heavenly Organics have blended the following 3 key ingredients to create what they have termed a revolutionary deodorant:

  • Bicarbonate of Soda –  the natural deodoriser and cleanser
  • Arrowroot – a natural and soft healer for skin irritations, it absorbs moisture and sebum from your under arms. It also helps eliminate toxins along with..
  • Bentonite Clay…..which will draw toxins out from the skin, eliminate odour and absorb moisture.
  • Also available in a glass jar - Click here

Apply a generous amount to dry underarms with clean fingers or a spatula. Do not rub in. For external use only.

Do not use on mucous membranes or on broken skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.