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Cheeky Panda 24 Bamboo Toilet Rolls (Plastic-Free), the-cleaning-cabinet

Cheeky Panda 24 Bamboo Toilet Rolls (Plastic-Free)

The Cheeky Panda
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This 3 ply ultra sustainable, hypoallergenic toilet tissue is made from 100% natural and Sustainable Bamboo and is free from tissue dust, fragrance, pesticide, chlorine bleach, B.P.A

It is silky soft, kind to skin and planet friendly, protecting the rainforest.

  • Average sheet count: 200 sheets per roll
  • Average roll length: 24m
  • Average sheet size: 120mm x 104.5mm
  • Average roll weight: 115g

Cheeky Panda 24 toilet rolls come naked in a recyclable cardboard carton.

100% FSC