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Natural Borax Substitute

Natural Borax Substitute

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Sodium Sesquicarbonate is also known as Borax substitute, we pack this for you from our shop in a plastic free packaging. It is a multipurpose cleaner Water softener & Laundry Booster

A unique crystalline form of sodium sesquicarbonate, which is classified as a non-irritant and therefore lends itself for use in a range of consumer products. It offers an intermediate pH/alkalinity that lies between soda ash and sodium bicarbonate making it an effective cleaning substitute for Borax and Trisodium phosphate (TSP).

What do you use Borax Substitute for? 

Sodium sesquicarbonate is used in bath salts, swimming pools, as an alkalinity source for water treatment, and as a phosphate free trisodium phosphate replacement for heavy duty cleaning.

It is also used in the conservation of copper and copper alloy artifacts that corrode due to contact with salt (called "bronze disease" due to its effect on bronze). The chloride from salt forms copper(I) chloride. In the presence of oxygen and water, even a small amount of moisture in the atmosphere, the cuprous chloride forms copper(II) chloride and hydrochloric acid, which dissolves the metal. Treatment with sodium sesquicarbonate removes copper(II) chlorides from the corroded layer.

It is also used as a precipitating water softener, which combines with hard water minerals (calcium- and magnesium-based minerals) to form an insoluble precipitate, removing these hardness minerals from the water. This makes it effective for keeping washing machines and dishwashers free from limescale buildup.

When mixed with vinegar / acetic acid or citric acid the resulting product fizzes. This makes a safer, effective and eco friendly/Natural drain opener and Natural sink unblocker.

Borax substitute is an ecofriendly scouring agent and an excellent one too.