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Nova Tissue is a family-run UK paper converter and manufacturer of quality toilet tissue and kitchen towel, based in the North West of England.

The company are currently looking into carbon offsetting schemes to help to minimise our impact on the environment, and have recently introduced a new eco-friendly product range called 'Soft on Nature' which includes sustainable and budget friendly toilet tissue and kitchen towel.

To make the products truly ‘soft on nature’, we source the raw materials from a zero emissions paper mill factory which produces the most sustainable paper in the world from responsibly sourced trees. Both the ‘Soft on Nature’ Cushion Soft toilet roll and Splash kitchen roll are wrapped in plastic-free, 100% home compostable packaging made from potato starch with no harmful toxins or oil-based materials. 

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  • Nova Tissues 100% Recycled Toilet Paper (36 Rolls)
    Nova Tissues 100% Recycled Toilet Paper (36 Rolls) by Nova Tissue | 100% Recycled Toilet Paper 36 | bulk naked toilet roll | Plastic Free Tissues and WIpes | The Cleaning Cabinet Zero Waste, Ecofriendly ad sustainable online grocers | Eco-friendly, Recycled, Toilet paper
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