Liquid Spruce Wood Soap Box, the-cleaning-cabinet

Liquid Spruce Wood Soap Box

Croll & Denecke
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Croll & Denecke have created this square soap dish from liquid wood and the offshoots of the spruce tree, making it extremely eco-friendly.

Liquid wood is made from a leftover part of trees that is unused during the paper-making process – over 100 million pounds of its main ingredient is created as a simple side-effect of the existing pulp (paper-making) industry. This leftover is combined with natural resins, flax, and fibers that can be injected into molds.

The Liquid Wood Soap Box is a perfect plastic-free alternative for storing your bar soaps when traveling.

  • Plastic-Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made from the offshoots of Beech Wood
  • Biodegradable

The Croll & Denecke liquid wood products are made in Germany, are biodegradable and do not contain any plastic.