They say it is PLASTIC-FREE JULY, we say let's do this EVERYDAY!!!

Eco Tips and News

  • Zero waste Refill Station in Loughborough Town

    Since we opened, we know that pumping was becoming a chore and customers have to wait longer for a simple refill. And since we are so serious about our refill station being effective forsmm custoners, we have just invested in some Eazy-action pump from the New Zealand Company. Now, customer can visit our shop and refill faster than before with any kind of bottle (plastic, tin or glass).
  • Refill! Reuse!! Recycle!!! Our Solution to the Single-Use Plastic Dilemma

    Reusing product containers and reducing the amount that you use has multiple benefits to the earth. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and oceans, but it also prevents pollution as it is reducing the need for new plastic production and the use of new raw materials. Reusing also allows the plastic to be used to its fullest potential, with the longer lifespan it has before it is then recycled.
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