They say it is PLASTIC-FREE JULY, we say let's do this EVERYDAY!!!

Eco Tips and News

  • Zero waste Refill Station in Loughborough Town

    Since we opened, we know that pumping was becoming a chore and customers have to wait longer for a simple refill. And since we are so serious about our refill station being effective forsmm custoners, we have just invested in some Eazy-action pump from the New Zealand Company. Now, customer can visit our shop and refill faster than before with any kind of bottle (plastic, tin or glass).
  • A Message of Love & Peace in the Midst of Racial Chaos

    2020 has indeed been the year! But we can only press on and keep the memories with us. Whilst we grapple with the ongoing aftermath of the global p...
  • Why you Should Choose Reusable Face Masks

    Wearing a face mask has been mandatory from Monday the 15th of June in England on public transport and now in shops & supermarkets from the 24th of July. Whilst some are still arguing the efficacy of masks in preventing the spread,  a simple research shows that even if droplets sift through the mask, they cannot travel as far as if you didn't have them on. Many other evidence-based research support the use of masks and you can read more from the CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • An Eco-friendly Cleaning Guide

    Throughout the busy Christmas period with family and/or friends coming over or visiting, there is an increased cleaning need in homes and it can quickly become a chore. These few tips and easy steps can help to reduce the chore of cleaning.
  • Zero Waste & Stress-Free Christmas Tips

    We’ve all heard it said, “You don't need to keep up with the Joneses”, just be you. Create your own Christmas tradition that doesn’t break your bank or cost the earth. Gift what you can afford but mostly make it practical & personal.
  • The Cleaning Cabinet Christmas Gift Guide

    Our bespoke gift sets feature bestsellers from our personal care & hygiene essentials range. Some of these are great for you to buy individually as stocking fillers or to gift to colleagues at work.
  • The Sustainable Student

    Millennials and Generation Z! I am calling to you. The environment is more at risk than it has ever been before, we have greater challenges to face: Climate change, pollution, declining animal populations, deforestation and more.
  • Before You Throw Away That Plastic, Think Again!!!

    New Report tells us that wooden substitutes used by supermarkets or in fact for personal use cause deforestation, and bioplastics which decompose take decades to do so and release harmful pollutants into water and soil. We, therefore, can’t afford to create new environmental problems in our bid to solve the existing plastic pollution problem. We must, therefore, think reuse before replacing.
  • Bleach: Your Worst Cleaning Nightmare!!!

    Not only is bleach a harmful substance on its own, if used with some other cleaning chemicals, bleach can also cause a reaction that releases toxic vapours. This would not only cause you to be sick, but regular inhalation of these fumes can also cause damage to your respiratory health. For example, when bleach is mixed with products containing ammonia, it can cause damage to nasal ways and lungs.
  • Refill! Reuse!! Recycle!!! Our Solution to the Single-Use Plastic Dilemma

    Reusing product containers and reducing the amount that you use has multiple benefits to the earth. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and oceans, but it also prevents pollution as it is reducing the need for new plastic production and the use of new raw materials. Reusing also allows the plastic to be used to its fullest potential, with the longer lifespan it has before it is then recycled.
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